Event Management

Utilizing the power of WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) the SRS appliance is able to consolidate all your server events into one management interface. Now you can manage the events on your servers and set up alert notifications when your servers warn you about problems.

Imagine one event console with all the events from you critical Windows servers. Unlike some monitoring solutions which utilize WMI to read event logs the SRS does it with a non-privledged user account so your administrator credentials are not used and never exposed on the network or to a sniffer.

Events are also generated from Switches, Routers, Printers and other network devices. Events can tell you when a device is down or a threshold you have set has been exceeded. These events can be used to generate an email or text message to your cell phone. You have the power to totally customize how the SRS monitors events and how you or your staff are notified of events.

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