Network Monitoring

You can have the power to monitor your network and spot trouble before it can cause an outage. You can have network events sent to your email or cell phone and you have the power to delegate monitoring to your staff. For example,You may have a staff member that is responsible for the mail server, The SRS can be configured that she receives any event notices regarding the mail server and she will not get messages about events related to the web server. You have the control to determine who on your staff gets messages about devices in trouble. As the network manager you can make sure that you get all the events for the devices your team members are managing and as they handle those events you will be notified automatically. You will always know of the current status of the network and the events affecting your network.

As a manager you will be able to see who is handling an event on your network and if that staff person has acknowledged the event. Your staff can leave messages about their progress with the event and what they are doing to fix it.

Desktop, laptop, cell phone, internet kiosk, view your network securely from anywhere in the world that has internet access. The SRS integrates with any Windows, Android or IPhone and others. If it has a browser you can use the SRS.

View your network graphically. See links and status of major components of your network and get a visual image of your network status. These links will change color to represent events happening on your network that need attention. This can be displayed on a large flat-screen on the wall of your network operations center so your entire staff can be aware of the network status at any given moment.

Network monitoring allows you to run your complex network and not have your network run you. Network monitoring will show you the trouble spots on your network and help you make your network more robust against the failures that can be a network managers worst nightmare.

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